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Elle's Twelve Days of Christmas

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, my author friends gave to me, Elle Jackson's Liam's Encounter, Elle Jacksons's Love-Hate Christmas, Ayla Ruse's Mazes and Mistletoe, Anne Kane's Puppy Love, Echo Ishii's Terran Seduction, Elle Jackson's A Mermaid for Christmas Part 2, Elle Jackson's A Mermaid for Christmas Part 1, Kate Hill's Spirits of Christmas, Traci Douglass's How to Seduce a Bad Boy, Harley Wylde's Naughty or Nice, and Ana Raine's Gift of a Lifetime.

As you may have guessed, today is a combined posting for the Twelfth Day of Christmas. I'm excited to share a few new things I've been working on. I hope you enjoy. Enjoy! Merry Christmas everyone.

I have to do my traditional warning, my short story and novella are naughty of course!

Love-Hate Christmas - A Short Story

Kash looked at Aliyah trying to hold his temper together. She was so damn stubborn he just wanted to go neanderthal on her and lock her up so she couldn’t continue to put herself in danger. She was his best friend’s little sister. Kash promised Tristan he would look after her if anything happened to him. When Tristan died, Kash took his promise to his fallen friend seriously.

“I’m grown, Kash. I can do what I want.”

“Not if it means you’ll be in danger. You know I can’t let anything happen to you.”

“I know.” Aliyah put a palm on Kash’s cheek and stared into his eyes.

Kash pushed down the electric desire thrumming through his entire body. He first noticed how beautiful she was on her twenty-first birthday. They’d been arguing about something, something stupid she wanted to do, and she pouted and threw her hands up. Kash walked up to her and pressed his lips to hers to shut her up. Before he realized what he was doing, she kissed him back. It was the kind of kiss that made his dick come to attention instantly.

Kash stopped the kiss before he did something he would regret. Their relationship hadn’t changed after that really other than the fact that he was constantly struggling with his feelings for her. One minute she made him want to pull his hair out, the other minute he was trying not to pull her into his arms.

“I know you are trying to protect me, and I really can’t tell you how much that means to me, but I need you to let me make my own choices.”

“You need to…”

Aliyah put her finger to Kash’s lips. “No, see that right there. I need you to remember that I’m super grown, and I’m going to make mistakes. But that’s okay. There are things I want to do that you won’t agree with or understand, but I’m going to do them anyway. Like this.” Aliyah moved her hand to the back of Kash’s neck and pulled his lips to hers. She immediately deepened the kiss opening her mouth to allow his tongue to enter.

Kash had used all of his willpower during their argument. He could only think of her soft full lips, her peppermint sweet mouth, and her curves pressed against his hard body. Everything went taught. He couldn’t stop. He let himself enjoy how right it felt to have her in his arms.

Liam's Encounter Book Description:

Special Agent Liam Allen cherishes the peace on his farm between assignments hunting aliens for the military. But when a terrible storm brings destruction, Liam finds the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen at the end of the rainbow.

Eshe speaks a language he’s never heard and hates wearing clothes. Their passion burns hot, but she’s an explorer from another world, and he’s supposed to kill her.

Will she kill him first, or will fated love save them both?

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