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Elle's Twelve Days of Christmas

On the Ninth Day of Christmas, my author friends gave to me, Ayla Ruse's Mazes and Mistletoe, Anne Kane's Puppy Love, Echo Ishii's Terran Seduction, Elle Jackson's A Mermaid for Christmas Part 2, Elle Jackson's A Mermaid for Christmas Part 1, Kate Hill's Spirits of Christmas, Traci Douglass's How to Seduce a Bad Boy, Harley Wylde's Naughty or Nice, and Ana Raine's Gift of a Lifetime.

Mazes and Mistletoe Book Description: Trevor runs the Puzzle and Games Workshop of the North Pole. Most think him quiet and ordinary, but no one knows about his fierce desire for the sexy owner of the day care center -- not even the owner herself. If only he could get up the nerve to go meet her…Missy, owner of The Little Care day care, harbors the biggest crush on the cute Elf from the Puzzle Workshop across the way. As much as she’d love to march over there and see what happens between them, she won’t, because she knows the results of her magic will be worse than unrequited lust.When an encounter in a Christmas Maze brings them together, Missy and Trevor discover magic is tangible, mazes aren’t for the shy and awkward, and true love might be found under the mistletoe.

Ayla Ruse writes happily-ever-afters, but she also writes about the out-of-the-box challenging love that her readers can relate to. She's been reading romance novels since the age of twelve. She strips love down and lays it bare for her readers. Check out Ayla's Mazes and Mistletoe ASAP!

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