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Elle's Twelve Days of Christmas

On the Second Day of Christmas, my author friends gave to me, Harley Wylde's Naughty or Nice and Ana Raine's Gift of a Lifetime.

Naughty or Nice Book Description:

My marriage is a sham. I’ve already loved and lost my one and only. Making Carmella Juarez my wife was the only way to save my daughter, but I never intended to stay married. A decade has passed, ten years that I’ve kept my distance, but now it’s time to set things right and free both of us. I never counted on her being sick and nearly dying. Didn’t count on falling for her as I nursed her back to health. But it’s the Christmas season and what better time for miracles? My heart isn’t as cold and dead as I’d once thought. Carmella has brought me back to life, and now that I’ve had a taste of the tempting woman who wears my ring, I know that I can’t ever let her go.

Harley Wylde's motto is the hotter the better. Harley's an international best seller with fogging up the windows passion dripping from each of her books. She's the author of the Dixie Reapers MC, Devil’s Boneyard MC, and Hades Abyss MC series. You can find Harley at the Authors Rocking Little Rock in 2020. Make sure to grab one of Harley's novels to keep you warm on this wintery second day of Christmas.

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