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Preorder...It's Getting Real

So today, my book, Liam's Encounter, is available for preorder at several retailers. It is unbelievable how far this journey has taken me. Writing can be so hard, but it is also rewarding to get to share your stories with others. With the need for more diverse books showing diverse characters in lead roles, I'm happy to do my part.

As an #ownvoices writer, I strive to make my characters dynamic and strong. I can't get over how stepping out on faith can truly carry you through. Doubt is a real thing when it comes to being a creative person. You start to trick yourself into believing you're not good enough, but you are good enough. You can do it, and you should.

Don't allow doubt and worry to keep you living the same life you've always had when what you really want is so much more. This is only the beginning for me, and I know that like I know my birthday. Success is coming for you if you are willing to believe in it, have faith in it and yourself.

Knowing that in a couple of days, people will be reading this story makes me so proud. I think if you enjoy reading about love, honor, and aliens, then this is the book for you!'s steamy!

Make sure to write a review and let me know what you think of the book. Also, subscribe to my mailing list to find out more about the wonderful hot mess that is Elle Jackson, me!

Click the LINK to get the book!

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