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Two years ago, I wrote about the beginning of my journey as a writer. Well, not exactly the beginning since I've been writing for many, many years. But I suppose it was the beginning of my publishing journey. Two years later, I am excited to announce that I've signed a multiple-book contract with Changeling Press. My first erotic novella, Liam's Encounter, will be out November 7, 2019! Liam's Encounter is the first book in the Kilfane Incursions Series. The series centers around an alien species from a faraway planet. They land on Earth to find a mineral that is crucial for their survival. Eshe is a future queen of her planet, and she has a lot to prove on this mission. She didn't expect to fall in love with a lower species, especially not a human. Liam is not just any human though. He's a kickass military special agent. His job is to find invading alien species and nullify the threat. When he finds Eshe at the end of a rainbow, he's not sure what to do. Should he choose duty, or fated love?

Join me on Facebook for a Cover Reveal Party. There will be prizes and games. November 3rd from 8:00-9:00 pm CST. Go to Facebook and search @authorellejackson.

Check out the book blurb below.

Special Agent Liam Allen cherishes the peace on his farm between assignments hunting aliens for the military. But when a terrible storm brings destruction, Liam finds the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen at the end of the rainbow.

Eshe speaks a language he’s never heard and hates wearing clothes. Their passion burns hot, but she’s an explorer from another world, and he’s supposed to kill her.

Will she kill him first, or will fated love save them both?

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