Forbidden. Inevitable. Love
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About Elle

I like naughty books, and I cannot lie!

I am Author Elle Jackson (also known as Ellejacksonwrites), designer of writing journals, unique journals, totes, and much more. I am also a wife and mother.


Have you ever felt like writing was the only thing that made you feel like yourself? Have you ever tried to stop writing, but the stories and characters just kept coming to you? Or maybe you binge books like others binge shows on Netflix. I confess, it's me. I'm the person who feels completely confused on days I haven't been able to write, and the world is right again if I get words on the page. And don't get me started on how many nights I've stayed up waaaayyyyyy past my bedtime reading! I LOVE BOOKS!!!!!


I've been writing since I was in middle school. My first story was about a girl who knew there was an alien at her middle school, but no one believed her. I didn't understand why I related to the idea of "the other" until I was much older, but I realize now that as a Black girl growing up in the Midwest, I often felt like "the other," like an alien. I guess that is why a lot of my stories have aliens falling in love with humans. I like to promote the beauty in diversity and celebrate differences. 


As the mom of a toddler son and a soon to be toddler daughter, I find that my desire to fill the world with stories that are inclusive and beautiful has intensified. As an English professor, I often show my students the Ted Talk given by Chimamanda Adichie called, “The Danger of a Single Story.” I show students this video because I want to help them open their minds and find new ways to present topics, doing what they can to fight against the single story.

I became a writer so that I could ensure that underrepresented groups of people had mirrors in books. I want to add to the diversity of stories because no one should think of their culture through only one lens.

I have the most amazing husband whom I've known since we were thirteen years old and really didn't like each other very much. My how things change. I hope you enjoy the worlds and characters who live in my head. I look forward to hearing from you soon!